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>> how do you compete against that? police move in and make arrests tonight after protesters take over a vacant building in san francisco. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> san francisco police arrested about 20 protesters tonight after demonstrators took over a vacant building in the heart of the castro. ktvu's ken wayne is standing by live in the 500 block of castro
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street, and tells us, police closed off the busy street. >> reporter: castro street has returned to normal, but police officers are still wrapping up their investigation after a somewhat chaotic scene following a protest by the group homes not jails. san francisco police didn't wait long before storming through the front door of the two story vacant building. two dozen protesters entered the building to call attention to the plight of the homeless. we talked to the protesters as they prepared for a long night of camping out. >> this one has been off the market for about seven years. >> reporter: police moved in after they say protesters started causing damage to the building and dropping items from the roof. >> police noted that several doors have been broken. locks damaged. >> reporter: police say one
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woman suffered an ankle injury while trying to flee. several dozen spectators gathered to watch the police activity. >> you're saying you want to help homeless people, but you don't threaten violence to do that. so they don't seem to be very political coherent. >> reporter: police escorted the protesters as they marched from deloris park to the castro. >> i felt good. good energy, people really cared, trying to make a difference. but in the end, it's a never ending battle. >> reporter: police escorted muni buses through castro between 18th and 19th for a time until the scene was finally cleared. police have not said what charges the protesters might face, but did say there could be some felonies. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. across the way in oakland,
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a mellow party held a one year party for the occupy movement. it seemed the festivities ended as quietly as they started. we are on storm warn tonight as rain makes an appearance in the bay area, we shot these pictures in downtown san francisco within the past hour. part of the south bay was also hit by an intense hail storm late this afternoon i want to show you video from gilroy sent to us by ktvu viewer jessica monamuro. we're told the hail was actually 2 inches deep at its thickest point, and leon sent us this picture from gilroy. the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning at 4:44 this afternoon, just moments before parts of southern santa clara county were pounded by hail. another viewer took this picture from morgan hill, where a tree fell onto a car during the thunderstorm, it happened at east main road and peak
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avenue. >> bill martin has been busy tracking the storm activity. he says it's not over yet. >> there are still showers in the north bay right now. the severe thunderstorm warning has gone away for now. let's take a look at the progression of that storm as it moved out of gilroy, and morgan hill. you'll see the reds and the yellows. right there near lexington hills. you'll see it move off. that was one severe cell. check out what's happening in the bay area. we've got moderate rainfall in the san rafael area. we're continuing to see scattered showers on the golden gate bridge. when i come back, the showers remain in the forecast, maybe even a thunder shower tonight, and we'll look at the forecast for your thursday. i'll see you back here. send us your photos when severe weather happens, or news breaks. email them to, or post them to our facebook wall. in san francisco, city hall is still buzzing tonight after
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the board of supervisors failed to muster the votes to remove ross mirkarimi from his post as sheriff. both mirkarimi, and a bitterly dispointed mayor, ed lee are pledging to move on. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi arrived at about 3:00 this afternoon. >> it's a new day we want to move forward. it is his first appearance here, since he was suspended from the job in march, after pleading guilty to false imprisonment. supervisors put him back in the post. >> this whole open society could have been avoted by mr. mirkarimi not having at all engaged in the conduct that he was found to have engaged in. >> mayor lee made it clear there are hard feelings.
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>> we're all fulfilling our legal obligations to work together. this city requires us to work together. i'm continue doing that. >> i took the mayor quiet seriously that when he was on the stand during the ethics deliberations, under oath he said that can he work with me upon being reinstated and his answer was yes. >> reporter: mirkarimi is meeting with the sheriff. >> blurred supervisors reports that are coming due. some work on realignment. >> reporter: mirkarimi cannot carry a gun until he satisfies the terms of his probation. he will receive back pay from his $208,000 a year salary. ktvu channel 2 news. >> in ten minutes, san francisco's district attorney makes his own appeal to mirkarimi.
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bart riders had delays tonight. at the heightest evening rush hour. the problems began at 6:00, and were solved by 7:00, but by then, the damage had been done. trains were packed. we've been told operators were unable to close a door on a train that was stopped in the transbay tube. it delayed trains heading to the east bay. we saw tweets from riders upset that they missed the start of the a's playoff game at the coliseum tonight. in san jose, crews investigated a suspicious package onboard a dta bus. sources say a cardboard box with the words bomb on it was written on the back of the bus. the bomb squad says it x-rayed the box and determined it was not a bomb. the roads reopened at about 8:15 this evening. a san jose woman is recuperating after she suffered second, and third degree burns
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when a fire and explosion ripped through her home. this is cell phone video taken of the fire this afternoon near kennedy avenue. several neighbors told us they heard an explosion about 1:20 this afternoon. >> a real loud explosion. real lloyd. >> three other people were able to get out of the home unharmed. firefighters say it's not clear what caused the explosion, but it appears to have come from the second floor kitchen. as many as ten people live in the home. tonight, the red cross is helping them find housing. now to oakland, where a 12- year-old girl is recovering tonight from a gunshot wound. police say the shooting happened on harmon avenue near 62nd avenue, shortly after 5:00 this evening. we're told the girl was shot in the leg, and is now in stable condition. she was apparently sitting in a car, when she was struck by a stray bullet. the girl had already been taken to the hospital by the time police arrived. new developments tonight in the unexplained killing of a
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mother last week inside her home in hercules. tonight, a fugitive from southern california, and his wife are both in custody after they were found with the woman's car in washington state. ktvu's heather holmes is live at the victim's home in hercules to tell her, the pair is believed to be behind a series of crimes. >> reporter: that includes carjackings, robberies, and now, possibly murder. this house here on ash court remains off limits. as you can see, there are candles, and flowers in the driveway. tonight, hercules police are trying to connect the dots between this house and the accused criminal couple. for days the grieving family of suzy coe has searched for answers in the stabbing death of the retired school teacher. today, hundreds of miles away in washington state, a crucial crew was found. >> this is the first deep breath we took. >> reporter: the subaru missing from the home was spotted this morning in the king county town
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of sea-tac. an officer saw it parked in the neighborhood, ran the license plate, and it came up stolen. >> once you looked into the darken windows, a male popped out out of the passenger side, and the car rammed his squad car. >> reporter: the driver took off, but it wasn't getting far before getting boxed in by officers. we've learned tonight on august 28, darnell washington, in custody on robbery charges escaped from the san bernandino county jail, allegedly with the help of his wife. next, the two headed to los angeles county, where officials say they engaged in a shootout with the sheriff's deputy on september 2. then last friday in hercules, coe was found dead, her subaru gone. today, the car was recovered in washington state, a relief to the family. >> we have a beginning, we have an end, let's find out, and let
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the police do their work. >> reporter: hercules investigators traveled to washington state to interview the two who frank and julie, are also being investigated for other crimes during their months on the run. heather holmes, ktvu 2 news. the a's pulled off another win. we're there live as pumped up fans celebrate this down to the wire victory. >> fighting the feds. the bold step a bay area city is taking. >> some areas even had hail. tracking when more could move in overnight, and tomorrow.
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what a game tonight at the oakland coliseum, the oakland a's, staked a dramatic 9th inning rally this evening for a come from behind victory to defeat the detroit tigers. the win evens the american league playoff series at two games a piece mark ibanez to show you how it ended. >> they're going to talking about this game for years. the walkoff capital of the world. down to the tigers 3-1 in the bottom of the 9th inning. seth smith with a shot to the gap in right center, two runs
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will score off the ace closer, jose valverde. coco crisp with a shot to right and in comes the game winning run tonight. 4-3 is the final. after being down 2-0 in this series, they are now dead even, 2-2 going into tomorrow's do or die game. it will all happen at the oakland coliseum. maybe this will get them to take the tarp off the upper deck, and let people come on in. of course not to forget the san francisco giants. they also evened their series at 2-2 with cincinnati. all the highlights and postgame interviews later in sports. >> what an exciting game
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though. >> my heart is beating double tame. it's great for the bay area. >> and to see them rush the field like that. >> 15 times they've done that at the coliseum. >> they just come back. >> you just have a feeling they're never done. needless to say, fans are going crazy at the coliseum tonight. patty lee is with them this evening. >> reporter: folks are streaming out of this stadium. to say they are excited is an understatement. i hope you can hear me. we were here [ inaudible ] in the 6th inning, when coco crisp [ inaudible ] now these guys are saying, they believed all along. and now the oakland a's are going to show exactly why they made it there in the first place. talking to jj of hayward.
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did you think that these guys were going to pull it out? >> you know what? with the oakland a's, a lot of people have doubted the oakland a's, but since day one we've come through, and still we come through tonight. so it's, no, i don't doubt the oakland a's. for those out there that doubt the oakland a's, that's fine. we're winning. >> reporter: definitely a chaotic scene. [ inaudible ] we had filed a story. i have indicated that the a's might have lost this game. in the end, we were watching the last few minutes this game, and this stadium, the screams inside the stadium, and of course out here in the concourse. reporting live in oakland, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> oh, boy. you got to love it. tonight at 10:45, the giants, they also played great
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today. how they pulled off their definitive win this evening, and what's at stake for tomorrow's game. we'll have a report from cincinnati. turning now to the race for the white house. paul ryan arrived in kentucky today for tomorrow night's vice presidential debate. he was asked what will be joe biden's greatest weakness tomorrow night, he implied, president obama's record. vice president joe biden isn't expected in kentucky until tomorrow. he's been preparing at his home in delaware. both parties say the stakes may be higher given barack obama's poor performance last week. they will get about ten minutes for each topic. each candidate will get two minutes to respond to the moderator's question. the debate is slated to last 90 minutes. you can watch it right here on
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ktvu channel 2 tomorrow night beginning at 6:00 p.m. ktvu news will follow immediately afterward. we're also providing live streaming coven raj on our website -- coverage on our website, supporters of a number of initiatives, including the governor's tax hike to support education. ♪ [ music ] those who took part in the so- called vigil for the votes are encouraging voters to support proposition 30. that's the governor's temporary tax increase proposal. in addition, they are also calling on voters to approve prop 36, which would modify the three strikes law to keep nonviolent offenders to being sentenced to prison. they also want voters to approve prop 34, which would end the death penalty. a man accused of kidnapping, and sexually assaulting a young girl pleaded not guilty in a san mateo county court today.
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prosecutors say he walked on park side elementary school on september 21 and grabbed a girl from the bathroom. they say he carried her off campus, where he assaulted her. dna evidence prompted them to arrest him. the fallout from the highly publicized ordeal is not over. ktvu's rob roth tells us now the district attorney is asking mirkarimi to excuse himself. >> i'm calling upon ross mirkarimi to recuse himselfs from the duties in his office to the custody, supervision, safety, and rehabilitation of
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domestic violent offender. >> reporter: the sheriff's department has run domestic violence programs and counseling for abusers in the jails for years. mirkarimi has admitted to grabbing his wife's arm. >> there is no doubt that ross has a clear conflict of interest . they're disappointed by the decision to reenstate mirkarimi. >> i think it's the wrong message. it says that san francisco thinks it's okay to have a sheriff who has been convicted, who admitted under oath, that he committed a violent act against his wife. >> reporter: supervisors voted late last night to overturn mayor ed lee's decision to remove mirkarimi on grounds of misconduct. >> a civil proceeding that defined how we define misconduct.
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>> i think he has been humbled greatly, and i think that as the experience, that would be tremendously valuable for him, and his work as sheriff. >> reporter: late today, mirkarimi told us there will be a legal challenge. the city of oakland is standing by harbor side medical marijuana dispensary in a fight against the federal government. the city filed the suit today against the federal government's threatened seizure of the building at 1840 embarcadero. they've rented the property for the last six years. last year, they paid more than $1 million in taxes to the city. it's been a crazy couple of days. beautiful afternoons. but last night's thunderstorm, and this afternoon that thunderstorm that brought as much as .7 of an inch of rain to gilroy. that's almost an inch of rain. it was raining, and hailing in the gilroy area. san jose got almost .1 of an
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inch. the rest of us, getting light sprinkles, now, especially in the north bay. you continue to see the swath of moisture moving through san rafael, and point reyes. light showers to moderate showers in this band. that's how it goes the rest of the night. we might even see another thunderstorm out there. when i come back at 10:45, we're going to look at the long ranged computer model and the five-day forecast that does have a couple of sprinkles in it. we showed you the careful rescue of a sea lion yesterday. >> he was not happy. >> an update tonight on how blonde bomber is doing now, and when he could be released. >> and in seven minutes, how happy are you? the survey that asked bay area residents that question. you might be surprised by the answers they got. when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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a sea lion that was rescued from pier 39 in san francisco after being snared by a plastic strap is now resting comfortably in sausalito. how blonde bomber spend his day, and how soon he will be released back into the wild. >> reporter: a careful attempt by rescuers to offer an injured sea lion his first meal after a dramatic rescue at pier 39 yesterday. but he wasn't having it. it's been a tough 24 hours for this guy. >> he's one pissed off sea lion. he was not happy. he doesn't want us to grab him. he doesn't understand we're really trying to help him. >> reporter: rescue workers were called off, with a packing strap stuck around his neck. he was named blonde bomber because of a light patch of fur
10:26 pm
and a nod to sweet week. he likely got the strap around his neck when he was much smaller. >> if that somehow gets loose into the environment, while it's still in tact, it's a noose. it's a looped noose. >> reporter: they cut the strap off this morning, revealing a visible wound. >> we didn't find any other issues. >> reporter: rescuers tell us no sign today of a second sea lion, also spotted a day ago tangled in fishing line. if all goes as planned, he could be released here as early as next week. in sausalito, ktvu, channel 2 news. scientists are reporting an explosion in the number of trees that have died from sudden oak disease here in california during the past year. this map shows how the pathogen has spread throughout the bay area since 2006. the u.s. forest service says it
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has documented more than 375 new cases of dead, live oak in tan oak trees. that's a ten fold increase compared to 38,000 a year ago. scientists attribute the spread to two years of very high rainfall, followed by this year's dry weather. a stanford professor got a call from sweden early this morning informing him that he had won the nobel prize for chemistry. the doctor shares the prize with a doctor from duke university. today, he invited cameras inside his home in palo alto to share the news. he said he missed the first call that came in about 2:20 this morning, but when they called back, he picked up. >> i thought he was dreaming to begin with. very excited, and very happy. >> reporter: he will share in the prize worth more than $1 million. he says he plans to use it for his retirement, or leave it to his children. they were honored for ground breaking discoveries on cell proteins that have helped
10:28 pm
scientists develop better medications. millions of cars and suvs, the problem that has triggered a massive recall of popular toyota models. >> a first of its kind look into who is happiest. how age, and ethnicity all play in a role.
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new at 10:00, a study released shows how people who live in one of the wealthiest areas in the country feel about their life. the break down of who tends to be the happiest. >> reporter: more than 4,000 people were surveyed for this report today, one way to look at it, half the people surveyed are very happy. but this looks at the other half, and why they aren't. >> with a 2-year-old daughter, this family is like many other.
10:31 pm
>> it's good, but it's expensive here. that's the only down side. >> reporter: residents age, income, and ethnicity all effect how they view their quality of life. those who are very happy tend to be older, white, with higher educations, and higher incomes. those who are not very happy tend to be 35 to 64, asian, noncollege graduates with lower incomes. >> the quality of life, it's slowly going down for lots of us here. i'm self-employed. i still have a way to do this, but it's not looking too bright. >> reporter: he's not alone. 8 out of 10 people surveyed say they're stressed. the main reason? money. >> you also hear people say, i work in the tech industry. by the time i'm 40 i'm going to be washed up. i'm nervous. >> reporter: the other complaint was a missing connection to the community. >> whether we talked to 20-year- olds, or 80-year-olds, we heard
10:32 pm
people say they were longing for the good old days. kids played out in the street. they knew their neighbors. they could turn to somebody. >> it's not like it's used to be, but i think as communities try to get out more into their own neighborhoods, we can get some of that back. >> reporter: to get that back, the report had numerous common sense suggestions, including interact with your neighbors. keep your yard tidy, vote, volunteer, and simple acts of kindness, such as greeting your postal worker. stock markets tumbled today for the third straight day, the dow fell 128 points the most since june. nasdaq dropped 13. dispointing earnings reports were the driving factors for those declines. for the first time in a week, california gas prices have dropped, but only by half a cent. the statewide average is still the highest in the nation at $4.67 a gallon. among the factors, that fire in
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august at chevron's richmond refinery. the company announced yesterday the damaged unit that converts crude oil to gas will remain closed through at least the end of the year. the filmmaker believed to be behind the anti-muslim video that sparked riots worldwide appeared in court today. he was taken into custody last month for violating his probation for bank and credit card fraud. he denied all 8 counts. probation officials want him returned to prison for a two year term. another hearing is scheduled for next month. in washington, d.c., a house committee held a heated debate about what went wrong at the american consulate in america that led to the deaths of four americans. republicans are blaming the obama administration for inadequate security, and the confusion about who was responsible for the attack in the following days. the white house now says it was a terrorist attack. there was a major recall
10:34 pm
involving millions of toyota cars worldwide. the safety flaw that could cause some of those vehicles to catch fire. >> reporter: many toyota, and scion models are being recalled because improperly made window switches could cause smoke or fire. >> there have been no accidents reported about this. there is no case of fire either linked to this. so customers don't have to worry. >> if you have a toyota, it's mandatory optional equipment for this recall. >> reporter: the repair is simple, quick, and free. some of these were recalled a couple of years ago, for unintended acceleration issues. >> it's yet another blemish on toyota for quality. what happened during the 2000's, toyota tried to become the number 1 car seller in america. instead, it's become the number
10:35 pm
1 car recaller throughout the world. >> reporter: beyond what toyota itself is saying, i called five different independent toyota repair shops. not one of them said they had seen this problem even one time. >> i think it happens when you make lots and lots of cars. i've had very good experience with this car. it's got lots of mileage on it. and i haven't had any trouble. >> i've had this car for a couple of years, i have no issues. there's a recall for a reason. at least they're fixing it. that's a good thing. >> i would look at toyota's first when i'm in the market for a new car. >> reporter: you can find the recall list on, under hot topics. ktvu, channel 2 news. and at we have posted complete details about which models are covered under the recall. netflix has promised to caption all of its content by 2014. the pledge from the on demand internet streaming service is
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part of a settlement made yesterday with a deaf viewer who sued the company. closed captions are currently available on 90% of netflix content. you can get ktvu news to go now. download the ktvu app, click on the live icon and you can watch it live on your mobile device. american forces are on a mission in the middle east. what they're trying to prevent. >> tracking showers right now on live stormtracker 2. a few sprinkles in vallejo and san rafael. are they going to stick around for your thursday? >> could a bone found explain what happened to a missing bay area girl who has been missing since 1988?
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a rally in concord tonight for support for 140. they say they worry schools will face big cuts if prop 30 doesn't pass. >> there will be 11 less days of school this year. the schools will close early. and we just can't afford that. >> prop 30 is facing competition from a rival ballot measure. prop 38. the author of 38 says it
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guarantees revenue from tax hikes would go to schools, where prop 30 doesn't. there is word tonight that a bone found in a san joaquin county well is now being tested to see if that is that of mikayla verett. her mother was contacted and told the bone belongs to a girl between the ages of 5 and 13. the bone was discovered after the mother of another murder victim had her own daughter's remains tested after being recovered from the well in lyndon. the well, where the remains were found is linked to a a pair of convicted serial killers known as the speed freak killers. in oakland, we no now know the names of two people shot and killed monday night. police have identified the man as, or rather the men as 28- year-old ronald perry, and 18- year-old aaron adams. police say someone onlied fire
10:41 pm
on the two as they were driving down filbert street. no arrests have been made. new information on a man who was arrested after immigration authorities say he tried to bring a smoke grenade, hatchet, and other items into the united states. the naturalized u.s. citizen traveled from japan to korea before landing in los angeles last friday where he was arrested. according to the "l.a. times," checked bags are typically x-rayed for explosives so other kinds of weapons can make it into planes cargo holds. in jordan, some 150 u.s. troops are now on the border with syria. they intend to boost jordan's military capabilities, in the event that syria's civil war spills across the border. leon panetta said the u.s. is working with jordan.
10:42 pm
in australia, the prime minister delivered a blistering 15 minute attack against the opposition leader in parliament today. they have traded accusations of sexism and massageny. the video has gone viral and twitter exploded with reaction. in pakistan, outrage over the shooting of a 14-year-old girl led to protests across the country, and prayers. the teenager was shot and wounded by a taliban gunman yesterday. militants said she was targeted because of her support for education for girls. doctors removed a bullet from her head today, and say they are hopeful that she will be able to recover. the u.s. anti-doping agency has laid out its case against cyclist lance armstrong in elaborate detail. saying armstrong was at the center of the most sophisticated doping conspiracy ever seen. 26 people, including 11 former
10:43 pm
teammates testified against him. armstrong's attorney called it a hatchet job. the agency stripped armstrong of 7 tour de france titles. a divisive win keeps the giants alive. how they were able to pull it off. plus, new video just in from a fire at a bay area shopping center. >> and tracking the wet weather in the bay area. back with your complete bay area forecast. even when she't going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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developing news tonight in oakland, where police are on the scene of a triple shooting. officers tell us it happened at 9:45 tonight. one victim was pronounced dead at the scene. two others were taken to the hospital. at this point, their conditions are unknown. witnesses say they heard a barrage of gunfire. our photographer found two cars riddled with bullet holes at the scene. we also have new video from
10:46 pm
castro valley, where a fire broke out at a strip mall badly damaging a nail salon. the fire was reported about 8:00 this evening at a mall on redwood road another grove way. firefighters say when they arrived, they could see heavy smoke pouring from the salon. crews were able to put out the fire before it damaged any other businesses. investigators are on the scene, trying to determine what caused the fire. the san francisco giants managed to even their national league playoff series with the cincinnati reds at 2-2. just like the a's tonight, the giants come from two down to earn a final 5th game tomorrow. joe fonzi is with the giants in cincinnati, and tells us, the team finally found its hitting stroke. >> that ball is hit high in the air, deep to right field, and way gone. >> reporter: the giants got something in today's game they had lacked the first three games of this series. instant offense, and an early lead. a home run by angel pagan to
10:47 pm
lead off the game, and a two run homer in the 2nd, put san francisco in front 3-1. >> we're going to continue to put up bats, and we had some really good ones today. >> my teammates do a great job. those kind of things when you open up a pitching staff, everything is going to work your way. >> this game was the epitome of a team effort. the win went to the giants fourth reliever of the game. tim lincecum. the one regular season starter left out of the postseason rotation. >> it was great to see him in action, having his slider, and his change. just doing what it normally does. i think we just fed off the momentum. >> reporter: the giants were coasting to an 8-3 win. their offense suddenly alive
10:48 pm
for tomorrow's fifth, and deciding game. so the giants now have a chance to make baseball history. no marble league team has ever come from two games down to win a divisional series. their margin for error? nothing. just like it's been the last two games. what a great day for baseball fans here. needless to say giants fans are in a frenzy after today's win that tied up their series. >> this is so exciting. it's like 2010 all over again. >> all across san francisco, giant fans had one thing on their minds today. winning. today's game was win, or go home for the giants. what it all boils down to is one final game tomorrow, where the winner takes all. yeah, a big day in the bay area tomorrow for sports. we'll be all over it here on
10:49 pm
channel 2. we're all over the rainfall as well. you can see the showers. they moved to the north. getting reports of light rain. this is wipers on intermittent. you may have your wipers on moderate in san rafael. light scattered showers throughout the evening. outside chance for a thunderstorm. it looks like a lot of the fuel for the thunderstorms has gone away. there's enough cloud cover and moisture left to drop off showers. that's would we're seeing now. we haven't had rain in a while, the roads are going to be a little bit wet, it's slippery out there. so thursday morning commute, just think about that a little bit. the roads, if you see wet, especially shade in the corners, coming to work, especially out of the north bay. overnight lows chilly too. 49 in san rafael as you get going. tomorrow morning look for real cold spots in the north bay. you can see upper 30s up there, it's chilly. this low pressure system is causing the problem. it is slow to move off. it is lingering. this low is forecast to track
10:50 pm
this way as we head into tomorrow. that should be good. we should start to dry up. but the latest model is wrapping warm moisture around in our direction in the afternoon. here's the latest model. here we are tomorrow about lunchtime. the clouds may be a little sprinkle or something. right now, the main dynamics are south. see this area here? it's wrapping this way. see it all just swings in there. it wouldn't be hard for some of this to break off like it did today, and this evening. and like it did yesterday. and break off, and actually move into parts of the bay area, mainly from about redwood city south. we'll be tracking that for you. steve paulson is in here for you really early in the morning. they'll be tracking that wrap around moisture. tomorrow will be a lot like today, which was a lot like yesterday in terms of plenty of sunshine, and pretty mild highs. given the fact that we had hail storms and lightning and thubledder. if you think about the day, it
10:51 pm
was really nice. most of us, it felt like the perfect day. it's raining now in the north bay, tomorrow, we start off with plenty of sunshine. a nice day again. we'll update that forecast in the morning and at noon, and i'll be back again tomorrow at 15:00. >> good baseball weather tomorrow. >> baseball tomorrow is going to be fun. >> oh, yea, you think? it was a first for a private commercial spacecraft today. the spacex capsule called dragon docked at the international space station. this was its first official cargo run as part of a billion dollars plus contract with nasa. it carried essential, and nonessential supplies, things such as ice cream. more on the a's, and the giants huge wins today. also why some folks of note allowed themselves to be thrown into a pool. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight.
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getting tossed into a pool all for a good cause. it was san francisco's 20th annual celebrity pool toss to benefit the tenderloin neighborhood development corporation. some of the city's high profile deputies, and celebrities such as mc hammer got thrown into a pool. mark is back with sports.
10:55 pm
what can you say? it was just incredible. >> you always think a lot of baseball fans are in october. because they get a taste of what this game is all about. wow, in all caps. oakland is, after all the walkoff capital of the baseball world. nobody does this dance better than the a's, they may have even outdone themselves tonight. let's fast forward to the 9th inning. the cardinals bringing in their ace closer jose valverde. seth smith ropes one into right- center field. a two run double. two outs, coco crisp, his first hit of the night, a line shot to right. garcia can't come up with the ball. no play at the plate, and let the paneled moan yum begin. coco crisp and the a's celebrating their 15th walkoff of the season. a 2-2 series.
10:56 pm
asking coco why he was so emotional prior to his game winning hit? >> a little bit. it did surprise me that i kind of went over the top emotional wise. i had to dial it back. gave myself chills. i don't know if it was because the crowd was so loud. all of these things that kind of play into this situation. but yeah, i actually was a little surprised. sunday night, the giants they were flat lining. tonight, the giants showed nothing but the fact that they're all about heart. bouncing back, big time to even things up with cincinnati in the afternoon game. angel pagan had opened the game with a home run. later, and they're offense just continued to roll when he produces. an rbi shot to the gap in right center. always hustling. turns it into a double. just a tad after that, pablo sandoval, who had three hits. this one blows the lid off. a ride into the river out
10:57 pm
there. a two run shot. 8-3 lead, and the story today, tim lincecum. he came in, in relief. 4 1/3 innings of work. he definitely had his groove thing back. 6 strike outs in his stint. after the season he's endured, we haven't seen him smile like that in a long time. 8-3 the final. it will be matt cain vs. matt latos tomorrow in cincy. >> it was unbelievable to watch him do what he does best. he was always ready to come through, and tonight was his night. it was fun to watch. >> are you available tomorrow? >> an inning, yeah. never happened before, a rod pinch hit for when his manager told him, you're going to have to answer a lot of questions if it doesn't work out. said a rod.
10:58 pm
it worked out. raul ibanez in the 9th. again, in the 12th, age 40, oldest ever to hit a walkoff in the playoffs, and the cardinals took care of the nationals. that's the sporting life for wednesday. what a day. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
10:59 pm

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